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I will preface this review with with a short story of my experience with this establishment, but rest assured, Bobby B's is excellent. Absolutely excellent. I ordered from their grubhub last week and noticed they had no drink menu. Disappointed, I added to my grubhub's "extra comments" that they had no drinks available and was willing to pay extra to try some Trinidadian delights.

I kid you not, 5 minutes after I submitted my order of Jerk Chicken, Doubles and
Pulhori, They called me to let me know that they had added a drink menu to grubhub. Lo and behold it was true. They took my suggestion to heart and I will be using that feature each time I order from there. Also, the man delivering my food happened to be Bobby B himself. I believe this simple gesture speaks volumes of their establishment, and we haven't even gotten to the food.

The FOOD good lord, THE FOOD!

The jerk chicken was spiced perfectly, and the curried chickpeas elevated the texture profile of the rice in such a way that each bite felt like warm, spicy, hug of nostalgia.

Pulhori. Order. The. Pulhori. They're incredible. They may not be the star of the meal but that's not their purpose. They're like little chewy sourdough-tasting dumplings that paired excellently with each sauce I tried.

Finally, the doubles were fantastic. Likely one of the the cheapest and most delicious food options in the tri-state area. I will absolutely order them again. In fact, I will likely order a few today.

In all, order from Bobby B's Roti Shop. The outstanding food, the excellent customer service and their drive improve customer experience makes Bobby B's my favorite local eatery. You will not be disappointed.


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A old friend of mines told me about "Roti's" when we were shopping in New York l always enjoyed one while l was there but l have'nt been there in over four years and looking through gubhub one day to find something to eat and l ran across Bobby B's Roti and l felt like l was backk in New York and l ordered the Roti and my hubby and l and family truly love it made to order thanks we appreciate you all


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The food came 20 minutes ahead of schedule and was still very hot. The portions were huge and tasted very good. I would caution people that are not used to spicier foods. The jerk chicken is delicious but very, very spicy. Overall I would be happy to order from Bobby's again as it is good food at a good price. A+


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Bobby's has great food at reasonable prices! They have steadily cut down on their delivery time as Ive ordered from them over the past year. I will continue to eat here as long as they are open!! Try the roti wraps...doubles are great too! As is the Macaronie Pie....everything is good!


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Bobbys is one of my go to places. The owner is incredibly friendly when answering the phone and dropping the food off. The jerk chicken entree is prepared perfectly. The chicken is super tender and spiced to perfection.For sides I always recommend the aloo pie and buss up shop.

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1 review
I love Bobby B's Roti shop! It fills my craving for Trini food. Every time I travel to CT for business I will always order from here! The jerk chicken is phenomenal the doubles are just like some I tried around Brian Laura Promenade in Trinidad. But the sauces tho!! they really need to bottle and them all especially the Shado Beni and sell them! I can't say enough good things about the food here!


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Great food, and a pleasant surprise. Super healthy, tasty, delivered hot and much faster than projected (30 min early). Lots of food at very reasonable prices. This food is Indian Caribbean, which was a new experience for me. Now I plan to be a regular!!!


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Can't eat everyone's roti but I was craving it bad so I gave it a try. Best decision I made. Everything was so good. Juicy. Flavorful and fresh. I'm so happy that I found this place


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Delicious! Reminds me of my aunties cooking! Really authentic cuisine. The homemade sorrel and homemade ginger beer was Beyond amazing and fresh tasting.


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That pineapple cake thing was so good. Like there's a level of good, and that cake surpassed that level.

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